Airless Refillable System

An evolution in sustainable packaging

Our innovative refillable system incorporates a patented design that utilizes Polypropylene (PP), but it can also be manufactured using 75-100% PP PCR by package weight, reducing its environmental impact. The system features an internal cartridge that can be recycled, allowing for the reuse of the same actuator and outer bottle. These eco-friendly attributes effectively contribute to minimizing the carbon footprint of the ARS.


APC Packaging’s commitment to sustainable packaging is exemplified by the introduction of a disposable and replaceable inner cartridge—a groundbreaking advancement in the field. According to Christina Lin, President, APC Packaging defines innovation based on several criteria, including replicability, cost-effectiveness, and meeting specific market needs. Unlike many airless refillable packages currently available, which are essentially screw-off pumps marketed as refillable, our system stands out by incorporating materials that are easily recyclable. Moreover, we have addressed the issue of user-friendliness and intuitive packaging design, which has been lacking in the market.


The patented Airless Refillable System, designed by APC Packaging’s engineering department, simplifies the process of replacing the inner bottle. With just a push of a button, the inner assembly can be released, allowing customers to easily replace the bottle and effortlessly slide and snap it back into position. The Airless Refillable System is offered in both 30ml and 50ml versions.


At APC Packaging, all innovations undergo a comprehensive process that encompasses material selection, design considerations, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. We are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure that their brand identity and sustainability requirements are fully met.


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APC Packaging also offers additional sustainable innovations shown here.

US Patent #10,781,033
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