Whether you are creating a completely new packaging solution or you just want to customize an existing mold, our private mold service allows you the freedom to create packaging for your unique requirements. A private mold can be created for an entirely new product or just a component of the packaging.

Private Molds
Private Molds

Our engineering team in our US headquarters located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida works in conjunction with our engineering team in the factory to guide you every step of the way from technical and 3D drawings to suggestions about the best materials to use for your unique packaging solution.
APC Packaging also has capabilities in their headquarters to create prototype samples using 3D printer technology. This ensures that the final product meets all of the brand’s requirements before even going to production.

The difference between Customized and Private Molds is that the client owns everything from the drawings and even the production tools. The mold is completely unique and can only be used by the client. Looking for something totally unique for your brand? Contact APC Packaging to discuss your next project.


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