Discover the ultimate packaging solution tailored exclusively to your brand’s needs with APC Packaging’s exceptional private mold service. Whether you’re envisioning a completely original packaging design or seeking to customize an existing mold, our private mold service empowers you with unrivaled creative freedom.

The buzz in the industry is that APC Packaging not only excels in competitive turn-around times but also offers pricing that stands strong against other manufacturers when it comes to private molds and tooling. How do we consistently achieve such impressive 8-12 week turnarounds and maintain cost-effectiveness for private molds? The answer lies in our comprehensive in-house approach, featuring our dedicated engineers, cutting-edge 3D printing for prototypes, and our very own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We take pride in our self-sufficiency, avoiding any outsourcing or intermediaries, allowing us to directly translate these cost benefits to our valued clients.

Private Molds
Private Molds


Unleash the power of ownership with our Private Mold option, where clients retain complete control over every aspect, from the drawings to the production tools. With a completely exclusive mold, tailored solely for your brand, you can stand out in the market and elevate your brand image.


APC Packaging boasts a wide-ranging capacity to craft diverse beauty and skincare packaging components, encompassing everything from pumps and caps to comprehensive packaging solutions. Our track record in private molds speaks volumes, showcased by our successful collaborations with renowned brands such as Clinique, Estee Lauder, Origins, and MAC. These distinguished brands maintain a distinctive and harmonized aesthetic across their product lines, including consistent capacities. This is where APC Packaging’s exceptional tooling expertise comes into the spotlight.

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