Making the recycling process
easier for the consumer

Mono-material packaging refers to packaging that is exclusively composed of a single material, which offers several significant benefits for recycling and sustainability. By utilizing only one material, the recycling process becomes significantly more straightforward and efficient for both consumers and recyclers. This streamlined approach enhances the likelihood of successful recycling, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly system.


Embracing mono-material packaging plays a crucial role in advancing the circular global economy, which aims to eliminate wasteful practices and excessive resource consumption. By supporting this approach, we move closer to minimizing harmful waste and fostering responsible resource usage, thereby promoting a healthier and more sustainable planet for future generations.


Completely customizable stock mold solutions to fit your sustainability needs.


Available by the case and ready to ship from the USA.


APC Packaging offers educational webinars and a Packaging Blog focused on sustainability.

Mono-Material Packaging

APC Packaging wants to help businesses grow their sustainable packaging offer and make sure their brand DNA and requirements are still met. APC Packaging prides on providing the best solutions in the smartest way possible, which continues to be shown with our commitment to mono-material packaging.


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