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APC Packaging Launches New Branding

APC Packaging is excited to announce the launch of a new initiative that will update their brand image to better represent the company and their status as a growing, innovative packaging company within the cosmetics, skincare, and beauty product markets.

The first phase of this initiative is the rollout of an updated corporate logo. APC Packaging feels that this new logo, with both interlinked and clean, sans-serif fonts, better symbolizes the company’s youthful energy, feeling of interconnectedness with their clients, and belief in clean design and high-tech innovation. The chosen colors also serve a valuable purpose, with teal green to represent the company’s continual growth and the calm foundation from which they operate as industry experts, and dark gray to represent the practicality and respect with which they operate – and as gray works well with other colors, so does APC Packaging work well with other companies.

“We are a growing company, brimming with energy, and we wanted a logo to represent that feeling. This encouraged us to move forward and choose colors and typography that better showcase who we are and where we see ourselves in the market – as a growing, high-tech company focused on innovation and on serving the needs of our clients,” said Bryce Peacher, marketing manager for APC Packaging.

The next phase of APC Packaging’s initiative will be to rollout new brand standards across all sales and marketing materials, with a new website to follow in the new year.

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