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Make Up in Los Angeles – 2020

APC Packaging launched their Airless Refillable System and the Airless Jar at the MakeUp in Los Angeles and LuxePack Los Angeles Shows.

APC Packaging’s Airless Refillable System & Refillable Jar represents an evolution in sustainable packaging for the cosmetics and skincare industries. The patent-pending Airless refillable utilizes polypropylene and our Refillable Jar utilizes both PET & PP throughout the entire system and can be used with Post-Consumer Recycling (PCR) to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Incorporating disposable and replaceable inner cartridges is included in both of APC’s innovations towards sustainable packaging. All innovations developed at APC Packaging go through a process from material selection, design, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Watch a demo of APC Packaging’s Airless Refillable System and Refillable Jar to see how they can perfect the art of sustainable packaging.

APC Packaging also launched its new Color Cosmetics product catalog. APC Packaging’s Color Cosmetics line incorporates elegance with sustainability by offering a multitude of components in varying sizes, designs and materials.

ls like PCR that are sure to be a perfect fit for any up-coming or growing line. APC Packaging’s line of cosmetics includes lip glosses, lipsticks, makeup sticks & crayons, eyeliner, mascara, compacts, jars and sifters. Reasonable MOQ’s, exceptional service and cost-conscious design ensure APC Packaging can work with you to maximize your Brand DNA while meeting your sustainability and functionality requirements.

Color Cosmetics Digital Catalog: CATALOG
Color Cosmetics Printed Catalog: CONTACT

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