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Launches New Sustainable Jar

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Many beauty packages can be recycled these days, but most require an extensive amount of disassembly that the consumer either isn’t aware of or doesn’t actually do.  That means that most recyclable beauty packaging ends up as waste.  

APC Packaging has recently launched their glossy 100% all Polypropylene GSPP Jar & Cap Series to meet the sustainability needs of skincare and beauty brands.  The GSPP is considered a mono-material since it is 100% Polypropylene (PP) and it also be 100% PP PCR. By sticking with just one material, the entire jar and cap can be easily recycled by the consumer as one single unit.  No need for disassembly.   

According to Lisa Lin, CEO at APC Packaging, “Our engineering team’s goal was to create an elevated looking mono-material PP jar that was more prominent looking with a cap that was correctly proportioned to the jar profile and still heavy wall enough to give it the correct feel.  The GSPP is available for full decoration customization in 15, 30 and 50ml sizes.  

All innovations developed at APC Packaging go through a process from material selection, design, ease of use and cost effectiveness In 2020, APC Packaging received the LuxLife Magazine Health, Beauty & Wellness award for Most Sustainable Beauty Product Packaging Specialist.  APC Packaging can work with you to ensure that your brand DNA and sustainability requirements are met.   

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