Packaging Innovations for Sustainability

Sustainability is a combination of good choices from the inception of attaining the resource to how the resource is recycled or dealt with at end of life.

The hyper-focus on sustainability has caused some to be hyper-partisan when in fact most solutions presented today still have shortcomings that will need to be addressed regarding sustainability. It has taken a long time for the realization of a disposable society to hit home in so many ways that we do not need to marginalize efforts that are not perfect but a willingness to continue trying to move the needle in the right direction.

Sustainable design for new innovations is not as easy as one would think. Brand & consumer expectations are most typically based on existing non-Sustainable designs. Expectations as to how it feels, looks and works are always present.

ROBERT BULLA | Director of Engineering and Innovation | APC PACKAGIN


 Robert Bulla is the Director of Engineering and Innovation at APC Packaging, a leading sustainable and innovative primary packaging supplier for the beauty and skincare industry. 

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