Refillable Jar

An evolution in sustainable packaging

APC Packaging presents the groundbreaking Refillable Jar, a patented solution that revolutionizes sustainable packaging in the skincare industry. This innovative JRA Refillable Jar allows consumers to effortlessly remove the inner jar by pressing on the bottom opening. The inner jar can be completely recycled, while the outer jar and cap can be reused repeatedly with new inserts. For added convenience, the new inner jars can be equipped with a service cap or a pressure-sensitive seal.


The Refillable Jar is available in two sizes, 30ml and 50ml, catering to the needs of subscription services and day/night skincare formulas. By incorporating Post Consumer Recycling (PCR), the Refillable Jar further reduces your brand’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.


At APC Packaging, we prioritize collaborating with you to ensure your brand’s DNA and sustainability requirements are met. We understand the importance of aligning your values with our packaging solutions.


Instructions for Use:

1. Unscrew the cap.
2. Push the inner jar from the bottom to detach it from the outer jar.
3. Insert the new inner jar and rotate it until it drops into place, then push it firmly until it securely snaps in place. Once snapped in, it will remain in position.
4. Seal the jar with the cap.


In addition to the Refillable Jar, APC Packaging offers a range of other sustainable innovations, which can be explored further on our website.


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