PZBR I PET Boston Round Shaped Bottle

PZBR showcases an exquisite PET Boston round bottle design, featuring a sophisticated overcap to enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. Crafted from environmentally-conscious PET material, this bottle can be elevated with the option of incorporating up to 100% PET PCR for sustainability. Furthermore, it effortlessly pairs with an array of closure options including sprayers, lotion pumps, disc caps, screw-on caps, and more, all readily available to meet your specific preferences. Sizes range from 15ml to 500ml. 

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Part NumberCAPACITY (ml)
PZBR015 15
PZBR030 30
PZBR050 50
PZBR060 60
PZBR100 100
PZBR150 150
PZBR200 200
PZBR250 250
PZBR300 300
PZBR400 400
PZBR500 500
Part NumberCAPACITY (oz)
PZBR015 0.51
PZBR030 1.01
PZBR050 1.69
PZBR060 2.03
PZBR100 3.38
PZBR150 5.07
PZBR200 6.76
PZBR250 8.45
PZBR300 10.14
PZBR400 13.53
PZBR500 16.91

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